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Velvet upholstery fabric is uniquely produced in a double cloth construction process in which long thread/yarn is used to weave two pieces of fabric face to face. The center threads are then sheared apart to create an even pile effect and producing two pieces of velvet fabric. Velvet fabric material is a versatile choice as it can be used in decorating projects that require a durable and soft upholstery or drapery fabric that can be used in a luxurious or a casual setting.

We offer the very best velvet fabric for upholstery. Choose from rich colors and plush constructions including 100% cotton velvet fabric, mohair velvet and blends. Find the perfect fabric for your decorating project and place your order of wholesale priced velvet fabric by the yard.

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Velvet has been a popular upholstery fabric choice for centuries. Before modern looms were invented, the weaving of velvet was very labor-intensive and most often found in homes of the very well off and aristocracy. Once modern velvet production was able to mass produce, the cost of velvet became much more affordable for such a high quality fabric. You can shop a large selection of velvet fabric for upholstery, order samples or fabric by the yard for drapery and curtains at distributor wholesale prices at

We offer the very best velvet fabric for upholstery. Choose from rich colors and plush constructions including 100% cotton velvet fabric, mohair velvet and blends. Find the perfect fabric for your decorating project and place your order for wholesale priced velvet fabric by the yard.

Popular Applications of Velvet Home Decorating Fabric
Velvet is a popular fabric that is easily recognized by it's shimmering nap, softness and luxurious appeal. Like many other fabric types it can be woven from various yarn fibers but it's manufacturing process is unique in that velvet is made by a distinct horizontal and vertical weave of evenly-distributed yarn that is sheared to a very low pile giving velvet a texture of shine and softness.

Velvet is a versatile fabric used for interior decor.

  • Velvet Upholstery Fabric - for a look of softness, richness and depth of texture for furniture upholstery, velvet fabric material is a go-to choice and commonly used by interior designers and decorators. Natural fiber velvet fabric such a silk and cotton are typically a more expensive option but a more affordable blend of man made fibers is a great alternative for a very similar look at a more affordable price. Velvet upholstery works well in a casual as well as a formal setting.
  • Velvet Drapery and Curtains - velvet drapes and curtains are often used when a lush accent is desired, typically in a more formal setting.

Different Types of Velvet Upholstery Fabric:
Velvet is produced in several constructions and with various yarns or fibers. Below are some of the most popular types of upholstery velvet fabric:

  • Cotton Velvet - is a beautiful soft fabric with a nap that is easy to crush. It is often blended with another fiber such as polyester in-order to strengthen its resilience. A 100% cotton velvet has a subtle matte finish but can be blended with viscose to add luster and strength.
  • Silk Velvet - is a luxurious and expensive fabric woven from natural silk obtained from the cocoons of silk worm larvae. It is soft, smooth and has a very high luster. It is a delicate fabric and should not be subjected to heavy use.
  • Cut Velvet - is a velvet fabric that has a pattern cut into the face of the fabric. Common patterns range from floral to geometric.
  • Synthetic Velvet - is made from high-quality polyester and is more resilient than most other velvet fabric. However, synthetic velvet fabric does not have the same appearance and texture as a velvet made with natural fibers but when synthetic and natural fibers are blended a fabric with a very nice appearance, softness and resilience can be achieved.
  • Mohair Velvet - is made from the hair of Angora goats. It is extremely durable yet expensive compared to other upholstery velvet. Mohair velvet is the go-to fabric for any use furniture. It is a heavier fabric with less sheen than moat velvet fabric.
  • Crushed velvet - crushed velvet has a blotchy, crushed look to it that is generated by crimping the velvet fabric as it is drying which then pushes the pile in different directions.

Velvet Fabric FAQs

What is velvet home decorating fabric?

  • Velvet is a soft pile fabric that has been manufactured for almost 4,000 years in one form or another. Velvet upholstery fabric has long been considered a luxury fabric because it requires more yarn to manufacture than other fabrics, as well as multiple steps.
  • Velvet material for upholstery can be made from any type of yarn, although traditionally, velvet was made with silk yarn, making it even more costly. In the modern era, cotton and synthetics have been used in the manufacture of velvet.
  • Velvet is a woven fabric, its pile is formed from warp (lengthwise) yarns woven into the backing. It is woven on a double piece loom which creates two fabrics simultaneously. Velvet pile is sandwiched in-between the layers. As the cloth comes off the loom, the pile ‘sandwich’ is spilt to create two pieces of velvet – each with an erect pile.
  • After cutting, velvet is often sheared to ensure it is all even, and then dyed. Velvet takes dye extremely well. Velvet is usually brushed while moist so that the fabric sets with a grain, producing the characteristic feel that consumers prize.

What is the difference between velvet pile and velvet nap?
Pile refers to the fibers or yarn that is sticking up as the face of the fabric (similar to the bristles in a brush). The pile is what provides velvet with a soft and plush texture. Nap refers to the direction that the pile fibers lay. The nap of a velvet reflects light and can cause a velvet fabric to look light or dark when you brush your hand across it as you are changing the direction that the pile lays.

How do you clean velvet?
Before attempting to clean a fabric especially a velvet fabric, obtain and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. A fabric is typically assigned a cleaning code, many velvet fabrics and particularly those woven with natural fibers will have a “S” code which indicates cleaning with a solvent rather than water or water-based products. It is a good idea to test an inconspicuous area first.

You likely have a large investment in your upholstery so consider calling a professional cleaner that has experience in cleaning upholstery fabrics.

What is velvet made of?
Velvet is not a fiber or yarn, rather velvet is a type of fabric resulting from a specific production process that results in a woven back fabric having a soft pile face and typically has a high luster from it's nap. It can be woven with a variety of natural and man made fibers including cotton, silk, rayon, viscose, polyester, mohair or a blend of any.