High Performance Awning & Canopy Fabric by Sattler & Sunbrella

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The perfect awning can add beauty and shade to any venue. Shop quality awning fabrics at distributor wholesale prices by the yard in a variety of colors for retractable and fixed awnings. Browse top brands including Sunbrella® and Sattler. All selections of sun shade awning material are mold resistant, water repellent, and have UV protection. Use these versatile canvas fabrics for awnings on windows, businesses, RV’s, campers, or homes. They are great as a replacement fabric or for new installations.

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Our awning sun shade and awning fabrics are recommended and rated for use in commercial venues as well as residential applications such as home, patios, backyard sun shades and blockers and are commonly found being used on RV popup and extendable shades.

High Quality RV Awning Fabric
Whether you’re a snow-bird or part-timer, one of the most coveted and common components of a camper, RV, mobile home or motor-home is a sun blocking awning. Many times there isn’t ample shade when you’re RV or mobile home is parked at a destination and an extendable sun awning with a high quality fabric is the solution to provide protection from the elements.
Awnings are subjected to extremely harsh conditions of the environment which is why it is important to select a high quality awning fabric. Decorative Fabrics Direct supplies new and replacement RV awning fabric from top brands Sunbrella and Sattler, both of which are designed to withstand relentless weather and UV exposure.

Canopies for Residential Homes, Patio Coverings and Sun Shades
In addition to RVs, campers and motor home awnings, our customers commonly use these versatile canvas fabrics for awnings on windows, business entries, patios and homes. In any setting where you’re in need of additional shade, rain or sun blocking, an outdoor awning is a durable and affordable way to add more comfort and protection from the weather.

Awning Fabric Top Brands
Sunbrella and Sattler are industry leading brands of high performance awning fabric. Both companies produce high-quality awning fabric that is extremely durable even in the most adverse weather conditions. Below are the qualities that make these fabrics stand out from the rest:

  • Durable Construction and Solution Dyed - both Sunbrella and Sattler feature dyed-in durability so color and waterproofing are manufactured into each fiber before it is woven. The result is a very long lasting awning fabric with color that is fade resistant.
  • Weather-Proofing - because of their manufacturing process and construction, both Sunbrella and Sattler fabrics are extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions, temperature fluctuations and debris.
  • UV and Mildew Resistance - another benefit from the construction process from Sunbrella and Sattler is the level of UV resistance and mildew resistance of the fabric produced. Both companies produce fabrics with industry leading light color fastness ratings allowing their products to retain color even after long-term UV exposure.

Awning Fabric FAQs

How do you replace RV awning fabric?
Replacing your RV awning fabric can be quite involved. Staring with the removal of your existing awning, properly preparing and sizing your replacement, installing the new fabric and reattaching your awning to your RV. Although it is possible for you to do it yourself, we suggest that you use an upholstery shop to handle the installation. Be sure to select a fabric specifically produced for use as an awning fabric that will withstand exposure to the sun and all weather conditions. Leading brands include Sunbrella and Sattler that can be purchased in many colors and designs by the yard and at wholesale prices online at DecorativeFabricsDirect.com.

How do you clean Sunbrella awnings?
Because Sunbrella awning fabric has dyed-in color, you can utilize tough cleaning solutions like bleach without negatively impacting the fabric color. To clean your Sunbrella awnings, follow these steps:
  • With a brush, scrub the Sunbrella awning fabric to loosen and remove any dirt or debris on the fabric. While Sunbrella fabrics don’t promote mold or mildew growth, both can grow on dirt and other debris on the fabric.
  • Hose down the fabric.
  • Prepare a light soap and water solution using Dawn or another dish soap.
  • With a brush, gently scrub the Sunbrella awning fabric until the dirt is removed and the solution has thoroughly soaked into the fabric.
  • With your hose, rinse the awning fabric until there is no soap residue.
  • Allow the awning to air dry.
What is the best material for RV awnings?
Because RV awnings are subject to exposure to the elements, you will need a fabric specifically produced for use as an awning. The fabric will be lightweight, water and weatherproof, mildew resistant, colorfast, UV resistant and extremely durable. Both Sunbrella and Sattler brands make extremely durable awning fabrics for use in RV applications.