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We stock the highest quality boat canvas fabric to be used for boat fabric covers, bimini tops, covers for boat tops, awnings, booms, and more. Order Sunbrella Marine fabric, the industry leading boat canvas brand, available in a wide range of marine colors and patterns. Our boat canvas and cover material products are rated for extreme outdoor performance and very capable of protecting against UV and water damage.

Even the harshest marine environments are no match for Sunbrella boat top and cover marine canvas fabric. That's because its rich color is an integral part of the fiber and can't be washed away or bleached out by the sun, rain or chlorine. Rest assured your boat canvas cover, boat top fabric and bimini top fabric will look fabulous nautical mile after mile. Because our boat canvas fabric is woven for breathability, it doesn't trap heat and moisture, eliminating mildew. As a result, Sunbrella marine canvas fabric stays fresh and beautiful season after season. In addition to longevity and durability, Sunbrella boat fabric also provides protection from the sun so you can enjoy long hours on the water. Sunbrella Marine fabrics carry the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation, giving your family and friends the extra assurance they need.

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Common Boat Canvas Applications

Canvas fabric is used in several marine and boating applications.

  • Boat Cover Fabric - When your boat is in dry or wet storage without cover, it is vulnerable to the elements. Specifically, damage from UV exposure which can degrade boat vinyl fabric, fiberglass finishes and wood trim and damage from regular water exposure that can cause mold and mildew. A boat canvas cover fabric provides your boat protection from the elements.
  • Boat Awning and Bimini Top Fabric - The most common and prominent use of boat canvas is for boat tops, often called bimini tops and boat awnings found on many house boats. These coverings shield passengers from direct sun exposure and provide protection when caught in a down-pour.
  • Boat Sail Covers - when a sailboat is anchored or in port, the sails are lowered to prevent movement and to indicate to other mariners that the craft is anchored. A boat sail cover is used to keep a lowered sail in place and to add additional UV protection.

Common Marine Canvas FAQs

What is the difference between boat canvas and boat vinyl upholstery fabric?

Boat canvas is typically woven with acrylic fibers to meet specifications for use as a top and cover fabric that is highly resistant to mold, mildew, water penetration and UV light while remaining breathability to avoid trapping heat and moisture.

Boat upholstery vinyl is a PVC coated fabric produced for use as an interior or exterior marine cushion upholstery fabric that is resistant to mold, mildew, water penetration and UV light. Additionally a quality marine upholstery vinyl is easily cleaned, can withstand heavy use and is not effected by sun protection lotions.

How do you clean a Sunbrella Marine boat canvas top?

One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella Marine fabrics looking good is to hose fabrics off on a monthly basis with clear water. This helps prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric and eliminates the need for more frequent cleaning.

General or Light Cleaning:

  • Brush off any loose dirt.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution of one fourth cup mild soap, such as Woolite® or Dawn® dish washing liquid, per gallon of lukewarm water.
  • Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to clean.
  • Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
  • Allow fabric to air dry.

Heavy Cleaning for Stubborn Stains and Mildew:

Sunbrella fabrics do not promote mildew growth, however, mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed from the fabric. To clean stubborn stains:

  • Prepare a solution of 1 cup of bleach and one fourth cup mild soap per gallon of water.
  • Spray on entire area and allow to soak into the fabric for 15 minutes.
  • Remove stain with a sponge, clean towel or very soft bristle brush.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
  • Allow fabric to air dry.