Check, Houndstooth and Gingham Fabric for Upholstery, Drapery, Curtain and Bedding

Browse a huge selection of check, houndstooth, buffalo check and gingham home decorating fabric from industry leading brands including Waverly, Sunbrella, P/Kaufmann, Covington and Richloom. You are sure to find a check fabric in the color, design and texture that is perfect for your home decorating project. Click the following link if you would prefer to refine your search to only Buffalo Check Fabric
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Buy Check and Plaid Fabric Online

A check fabric pattern typically consists of two colors criss-crossing each other at right angles, forming repeated identical sized squares across the fabric.

At you can browse a large selection of checkered fabrics with a wide range of color palettes and pattern size all while enjoying the convenience of online shopping from your home. From a black and white checkered fabric to a colorful check fabric selection, all are available by the yard and at distributor direct prices.

Different Types of Check and Gingham Upholstery Fabric

Below are the most popular types of check pattern fabrics for upholstery, drapery and curtains.

  • Gingham check - is a small equal size check design many times woven or printed on a white or off white base cloth using a single colored horizontal and vertical band creating small squares of two shades of the primary color and of equal size.
  • Buffalo check - is a large-patterned check fabric of equal sized squares, that is very popular in white or off white and 2 shades of a single color. The fabric design can be produced by weaving or printing.
  • Houndstooth - this is a distinct check pattern that is composed of abstract pointed shapes, often in a black and white. It is also referred to as dog-tooth or hounds-tooth check.

Popular Color Combinations in Check Fabrics

Certain check patterns have well-known and very popular color pallets and combinations. Below are some of the most popular color combinations that customers are purchasing in our check upholstery fabric and check drapery fabric categories:

  • Black and white checkered fabric is easily the most popular selection of all check fabric colors particularly when choosing a houndstooth check or a buffalo check fabric.
  • Red check fabric is many times the color selected to contrast with a darker color like black or dark blue particularly in a buffalo check fabric.
  • Red gingham fabric is often woven or printed on a crisp white fabric to create a bright fabric selection used in a casual setting.
  • Blue check fabric is the second most popular color of all the color selections offered and is an extremely popular choice for a buffalo check fabric.

Check Upholstery Fabric FAQs

What is gingham fabric?

Gingham is a small check fabric pattern printed or woven. The checks are of equal size using a horizontal and vertical band of a single color along with white or off white creating small squares of two shades of the primary color along with white. One of the most common gingham check patterns is red and white and very often used as a picnic tablecloth.

Where to buy check fabric online? is the best place to buy check fabric online. A huge selection of the finest brands in the industry including Waverly, Sunbrella and P/Kaufmann are available at mill direct pricing. Purchase check fabrics by the yard or order samples for your upholstery fabric and drapery fabric needs.

What are different types/names of check home decorating fabric?

Check patterned fabrics are known by their check pattern and size. Below are the most well-known check fabric patterns:

  • Gingham Check - typically small equal size checks.
  • Buffalo Check - large equal size checks.
  • Houndstooth Check - broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes very often in black and white.