Drapery Fabric and Curtain Fabric For Home Decorating

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Browse from a huge selections of drapery, curtain and bedding fabric from the finest brands in the industry including Waverly, P/Kaufmann, Covington, Richloom, P/K Lifestyles and Fabricut. Drapery and curtain and bedding material selections include a large variety of textures, designs and colors in woven and print fabric construction. Order by the yard at distributor direct prices.
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High End Drapery and Curtain Fabric Online
DecorativeFabricsDirect.com features a huge selection of drapery and curtain fabric. Whether you’re looking for something stylish, the top curtain and drapery brands or a fabric to coordinate with an existing design, we stock the highest quality drapery and curtain material at the lowest distributor pricing for drapery fabric by the yard.

By shopping curtain fabric online, you have access to a massive selection - much more than you’d typically see in a showroom or retail store. By shopping online, you can easily sort by fabric price (low to high or high to low), availability, style, brand or fabric popularity. You can also narrow your search by color family by clicking on your color choice on a color selection menu.

You'll notice that some of the higher-end curtain and drapery fabrics are available by special order only and with a minimum order as low as 5 yards depending on the specific fabric selection. Some of these include beautiful silk pile velvet in dozens of alluring colors. With our huge selection and everyday distributor prices, we know you will find the perfect drapery and curtain material for your decorating project. Order samples first to see the fabric in your own environment before making a decision.

At DecorativeFabricsDirect.com, you won’t find a better price and a better selection for drape and curtain-specific fabrics.

Choosing Your Curtain Fabric
When it comes to choosing the right curtain and drapery material, it all comes down to knowing the details about the following aspects of your drapery and curtain project:

  • Color
  • Fabric Finish
  • Texture
  • Pattern
  • Curtain Weight
  • Size
  • Yardage
For color, fabric finish and pattern, it helps to have an eye for design or to seek assistance from someone who does. Browsing home decor magazines and internet sites to view room settings is also helpful to determine the style of drapery fabric that is pleasing to you and coordinates best with your existing home decor. It is not important that a drapery fabric is stain resistant or has a heavy duty rating as draperies are not typically subjected to wear or stain. With thousands of drapery and curtain fabric types ranging from floral, paisley, toile, stripe, check and solid color designs, you are sure to find a perfect selection for your home decorating project.

As for curtain weight, the most important factor is how smoothly the fabric drapes (hangs). Don't be too concerned when using a light weight fabric as you will typically want to include a drapery lining fabric that will provide a fuller appearance of your finished drapes.The curtain and drapery lining will also provide a uniform appearance of white or off white when viewed from the outside of your home and can provide protection from direct sunlight exposure.

As for size and drapery fabric yardage needed, there are many different styles of draperies and your fabricator will be able to determine the amount of yardage to order for your specific window treatment. You will need to provide your fabricator with the width of the fabric as well as the design repeat. Both of these specifications are listed among the fabric details on each individual drapery and curtain fabric ordering page.

Do My Drapes Need a Curtain Lining Fabric (Backing Material) ?
In most instances, yes curtain lining is utilized for a number of reasons:
  • White or off-white curtain lining fabric will provide uniformity to the rear facing side of your window treatments so no matter what pattern or color curtain fabric you actually use, there will be a uniform white or off white look to your windows from the outside of your home.
  • It is not typical that curtain fabric itself is manufactured to withstand UV damaging light. Curtain lining fabric can block UV light from damaging your curtain material.
  • Using a thin curtain material alone will not adequately keep light out of a room when the curtains are closed. The use of a curtain lining fabric can substantially block light.
  • Curtain lining fabric adds weight and gives an appearance of fullness even with the use of a light weight fabric.