Chenille Upholstery Fabric | Chenille Drapery Fabric

Chenille fabric is a perfect selection for a decorating project where a durable interior fabric having a soft hand is desired. Our selections include solid, textured, and printed home decorating chenille fabric for all your project needs. Although sometimes woven into a cloth that resembles the look of velvet, chenille in fact, is very different. Unlike velvet, chenille upholstery fabric can be woven to give a smooth even surface or more chunky textural look.

Chenille fabrics are typically sold at a more competitive price point than velvet. However, the beautiful appearance and soft hand are not sacrificed. Order a chenille fabric by the yard at distributor wholesale prices from .

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About Chenille Fabrics

Chenille upholstery fabric incorporates texture into a pattern to create a soft and fluffy final result. Chenille features a densely woven base fabric with an added layer of fluffy yarn loops that create a design or pattern on the surface. Often used for home textiles, chenille is thick enough to be used for upholstery and is also used for bedspreads, throw pillows and other home decorating applications.

Damask, jacobean and graphic patterns are typical chenille fabric designs. Chenille can be a single color that relies on texture to create a pattern or it can incorporate different colors. Chenille upholstery fabric by the yard can be used for covering furniture, slipcovers, tablecloths, bedding and other home textile projects.

How durable is chenille upholstery fabric?

Chenille damask upholstery fabric is durable. The base fabric is often heavy and densely woven and patterns are formed by loops of yarn or fabric on the surface. In some cases the surface design is stitched into place. While the thickness of the fabric’s dual layers makes chenille very durable, chenille with loose surface loops can be inadvertently pulled. Because of this, most chenille upholstery fabric has a tightly woven and stitched design, resulting in enhanced durability. Lighter weight, more loosely woven chenille upholstery fabric won't be as durable as higher quality versions.

Purchasing chenille upholstery fabric by the yard from a trusted source and seeking out heavy weight fabric will ensure you get the best possible fabric for your project. A prominent internet source is

What kind of fabric is chenille?

Chenille can be made from cotton or a cotton and synthetic blend. The base fabric must be woven; the surface design can be a thinner yarn or thicker strips of the same or a coordinating fabric. Chenille damask upholstery fabric is a surface design applique textile that is most often used for furniture upholstery and is usually considered too heavy and thick for clothing and other uses.

How to clean chenille upholstery fabric?

Each individual fabric selection should provide specific cleaning instructions. Many have a stain repellent applied. It is rarely suggested to machine wash an upholstery fabric. Dry cleaning is typically recommended and spot cleaning with water can be effective for small spills.

What is chenille upholstery fabric made of?

Chenille can be made from a variety of yarn fibers. Vintage chenille was almost always made from cotton but newer versions of the fabric including chenille damask upholstery fabric can be made from other materials and blends.

How to sew on chenille upholstery fabric?

Commercial sewing machines are typically used for heavy upholstery fabric. The additional surface design will add thickness and require a slower movement through the machine. Since chenille has an applique surface design, the edges should be secured in your finished project. Enclosing all seams and binding any loose ends can prevent unravelling and separation of the layers of fabric.

Is chenille a good fabric for a sofa?

Chenille is an excellent choice for a sofa. The best upholstery chenille fabric selections are those that are heavy and tightly woven. Looser versions of the fabric will have more drape but are not well suited to covering furniture. Choosing a high quality fabric and opting for the correct weight for the project you have in mind is essential for durability.