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Our home décor furniture upholstery, drapery and curtain fabric feature a broad selection of designs, brands, colors, material weights and patterns produced specifically for home decorating. We offer a premium selection of home décor fabrics online by the yard. Browse the selections displayed in our online fabric store and then order samples for a closer look to make sure your selections of home décor fabric will fit your interior decorating project needs.

Notearrow-right.gif  If you care to narrow your upholstery and drapery fabric search by use, color, type, pattern or brand, please make a selection below.

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With literally thousands of selections in our Home Decor Fabric category, you could get dizzy considering the vast variety of choices and options we offer, so let's make it easy. When shopping for home décor upholstery, drapery or curtain fabric online, a simple start can be to select a color family from the color selection menu, which will narrow your choices to fabrics that fit within your desired color scheme. You also have the option of browsing our fabric offerings by style or type, use or brand.

Each time you begin your search within one of the subcategories, you can refine your search of home decor fabric by color selection using the menu displayed. Don't forget, we offer samples of our discount fabric online so you can get a closer look and feel for the home decor fabrics you’re interested in. With our huge selection at great distributor direct prices, you are sure to find the perfect selection of designer fabric for your home decorating project.

Home Decor Fabrics for Upholstery

One of the primary uses for designer home decor fabric is for upholstery applications. An upholstered piece of furniture is typically soft cushioned for comfortable seating. In most cases a cotton or foam cushioning material provides padding between the fabric and the furniture frame. Below are the most common home decor upholstery for new or re-upholstery.

  • Sofas, Couches and Pillows
  • Dining Chair Seats
  • Bedroom Headboards

Our huge selection of home decor fabric offers an excellent choice for any and all interior upholstery applications, it just depends on what you’re looking for. Included in our selections are very durable and comfortable casual fabrics for high use areas of your home to very elegant fabrics for a more formal setting. We sell the highest quality and most popular home decor upholstery fabric brands at the very best prices the industry has to offer. Brands include Waverly, Richloom, Covington, Sunbrella, P/Kaufmann and many more.

Looking for style, pattern or color-matching? Great! We offer a huge selection and allow you to filter your home decor fabric search by those particular categories.

Our interior upholstery fabrics boast high quality construction, high-end pattern design and terrific durability. So, no matter your next upholstery project, you are sure to find what you’re looking for at Decorative Fabrics Direct.

Home Decor Fabric for Curtain and Drapes

Another very popular use of home decor fabric is for window treatments, most often for curtain and drapery interior design applications. When decorating a room or space, the use of designer drapery fabric provides an opportunity to transform what would otherwise be a drab but functional design component into an aesthetically pleasing feature by introducing texture, color and design to further enhance your interior design project.

Curtain and drapery fabric tends to be lighter weight than normal upholstery fabric. In most cases you’ll want to use a backing material to add fullness and to protect the fabric from harmful UV light. An off white or pure white backing fabric also provides a uniform exterior appearance of all your windows allowing you to use different home decor curtain fabric designs and colors for different rooms in your home while maintaining attractive curb appeal.

Other Decorative Fabric Uses

Besides upholstered furniture, curtains and drapes additional applications for designer home decor fabric includes use in children’s rooms and nurseries, tablecloths, throw pillows and bed covers.

Home Decor Fabric FAQs

What is home decor fabric?

Home decor fabric is any type of fabric that is used in a homes exterior or interior decor. When used for interior design, selections of home decor fabric typically have a priority on design, comfort and visual appeal as opposed to fabric used for exterior decor where light color fastness and weather proofing are paramount. Home decor fabrics come in a wide range of styles, designs, colors and fabric weights. Depending on your use and application, you’ll need to choose your fabric design, weight and durability accordingly.

Where can I buy home decor fabric online?

At DecorativeFabricsDirect.com you will find a huge selection of the finest brands of home decor fabric online. For a closer look before you purchase fabric by the yard, samples are available to be ordered. When you’re ready to buy a designer fabric, shop by the yard at mill direct wholesale prices from our online store.

Shopping for home decor fabric online makes it easy to browse a huge selection of upholstery, drapery and curtain fabric in the convenience of your home. Easily narrow your search for the perfect fabric to match your choice of color, design and price.

What does the “weight” of home decor fabric refer to?

When someone is referring to the “weight” of home decor fabric, they’re often referring to the thickness or density of the interwoven fibers. Specifically, the term “weight” refers to the number of ounces per square yard (or grams per square meter if you’re in the UK/EU). Typically a fabric selected for drapes or curtains would be a lighter weight than fabric used for furniture upholstery.

What does the term “pattern repeat” of a home decor fabric refer to?

When someone is referring to a “pattern repeat” of a home decor fabric, they’re referring to the size in inches horizontally and vertically of a given design printed on or woven into the fabric. For example, assume a flower basket design is 27" wide and 18" tall. Since home decor fabric is typically 54" wide, in this example the basket design would be repeated every 27" horizontally for a total of two times across the width of the 54" wide fabric. The basket design would be repeated every 18" vertically for a total of two times for every 36" length of the fabric. So in this example, a one yard length of 54" wide fabric would have 4 flower basket designs on it.

A fabricator will use the pattern repeat to calculate the various cuts of the fabric to center a design on each upholstered cushion or to align the designs on drapery panels.

What are common uses of home decor fabrics?

The most common uses of home decor fabric are for furniture upholstery, curtains, drapes, pillows and tablecloths. Here are places where you’ll commonly find designer fabrics being used.

  • Sofa and Couch Upholstery
  • Chair and Dining Chair Upholstery
  • Cushion Upholstery (many different styles)
  • Curtain Fabric Panels
  • Drape Fabric Panels
  • Curtain Backing Fabric
  • Bed Frame Headboards and Baseboards
  • Bed Covers
  • Table Covers
  • Nurseries and Cribs
  • Upholstered Walls