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What is it About Floral Print Fabric?
One of the most popular print and woven interior fabric designs is a floral pattern. It’s seen in a large variety of floral upholstery fabric and floral drapery fabric. But why?

The most obvious answer is that it looks great. The movement, intricacy, richness and dynamic aesthetics of a floral pattern are a solid go-to as an accent to a flat colored wall, floor or room. Floral upholstery fabrics “pop”.

Floral prints as a design component emerged centuries ago. For years, people would decorate rooms and spaces with flower arrangements, so it was natural that the same appeal would make its way into home decorating fabric designs. In the 12th century, floral patterns first emerged in intricate embroidered pattern designs. Through textile trade of European countries, floral pattern fabric made its way across the globe and ultimately became a staple decorative component.

Today, designers and decorators utilize floral pattern fabric in a number of ways. For home decor purposes, floral print upholstery fabric patterns and floral print drapery fabric patterns add richness and complexity into any interior decor motif.

Popular Floral Patterns for Upholstery Fabric, Drapery Fabric and Curtain Fabric
There is a large variety of popular floral pattern designs that are used in floral upholstery fabric, floral curtain fabric, and floral drapery fabric. Listed below are examples.

  • Abstract - bright and exciting representations of floral themes, using shapes, lines, and colors to create floral patterns.
  • Acanthus - floral pattern that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean based plant with additional flourishes and adornments around the basic shape.
  • Arabesque - pattern based on Islamic art and architectural styles which uses intertwined floral patterns and geometric shapes for intricate patterns.
  • Art Nouveau - elaborate floral pattern that emerged during the late 1800's that uses distinct colors, patterns and curves for repetition.
  • Autumnal - floral design that is reminiscent of autumn and fall, often depicting leaves, trees and flowers in shades of yellow, red and brown.
  • Baroque - floral patterned design that emerged in the 17th century and usually employs intricate shapes, lines and highly contrasting colors.
  • Botanical - a pattern that displays realistic renditions of plants, trees, leaves and flowers based on botanical illustrations.
  • Calico - a floral pattern that emerged from India that features small flower images in a tight patterned motif.
  • Damask - abstract floral pattern with one or two basic colors, usually utilized on an ornamental fabric or design.
  • Ditsy - a fun, light, bright-colored floral pattern that features small simple floral designs repeated in close succession.
  • Festive - floral patterns that evoke a sense of holidays, often using colors like red, green, gold, silver, and can include non-floral design elements like ribbon, tinsel, pine cones and more.
  • Fleur-de-lis - classic, abstract, outlined illustration of a 3 petal lily, often seen in French-motifs, utilizes simple colors.
  • Geometric - using bright colors, dynamic shapes and lines, this is a geometric pattern that hints at a floral motif without showcasing any actual floral imagery.
  • Liberty - developed by Liberty of London, this design features both ditsy and Art Nouveau elements for a small intricate pattern.
  • Paisley - this pattern features teardrops with intricate adornments like swirls, dots and other floral elements to make a floral-like motif.
  • Retro - floral design reminiscent of 50's/60's/70's aesthetics that often includes bright colors over muted tones in geometric floral patterns.
  • Toile de Jouy - French or Parisian-inspired intricate floral or pastoral scene that typically involves a single color design over light color background.
  • Vintage - very standard floral illustration design that employs pastel colors and realistic flower patterns.
Floral Upholstery FAQs

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