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Outdoor living spaces are an extension of interior living areas. More thought is being put into designing outdoor sanctuaries where families and friends can gather. Bella Dura Home performance fabrics are made in the USA to be stylish and functional. These indoor outdoor performance fabrics are designed in a sophisticated and on-trend palette of colors, textures, and designs. Bella Dura Home fabrics offer peace of mind knowing each is stain-resistant, fade resistant, weather resistant, easy to clean and bleach cleanable. These extraordinary fabrics are soft to the touch and crafted to enhance a life well lived indoors and out. Performance to the core means you can live and entertain without worry, indoors or outdoors or out!

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What is Bella Dura Home fabric?
Bella Dura Home Fabric is a high performance residential upholstery fabric that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Bella Dura Home line is made with one or a combination of these yarns below:

  • Proprietary polyolefin fabric - polyolefin is a common polypropylene-based fabric widely used in high performance situations. It’s often used in active-wear, home upholstery and outdoor upholstery. Bella-Dura uses a proprietary polyolefin woven mixture in all of its materials formulated over decades of testing and research.
  • High UV polyester - made specifically for indoor and especially outdoor use.
Both of these components make Bella Dura Home fabrics extremely stain-resistant, fade-resistant, mildew resistant and durable. If that weren't enough, Bella Dura Home fabrics also strives to create the most beautiful fabric available in the marketplace. With an unlimited color palette and jacquard design capability, Bella Dura Home fabric creates distinctive fabric that is perfect for any indoor or outdoor decorating application.

How do you clean Bella Dura Home fabric?
Cleanup involves a mild soap mixed 1 part soap to 10 parts water and a soft brush. When necessary, and for stubborn stains, Bella Dura Home fabrics are bleach cleanable with a 1 part bleach to 4 parts water mixture. Remember to always rinse with clear water to remove all residue. Remaining residue attracts dirt, so if proper rinsing has not occurred, fabrics will get soiled again much more quickly. Also, never dry clean, use an iron or steam this product. Allow this product to air dry.

Who sells Bella Dura Home fabric?
For the best prices on Bella-Dura fabric online, offers wholesale prices and a huge selection of high performance indoor outdoor furniture upholstery fabric. Samples of all Bella Dura Home indoor outdoor fabric selections are also available to order online.