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Launched in 1923, Waverly is a premier home fashion and all encompassing lifestyle brand and one of the most recognized names in home furnishings. Its signature look is expertly translated into countless classic styles among its home decorating fabrics. From elegant and colorful Waverly floral fabric to casual textures and designs, Waverly upholstery fabric and Waverly drapery fabric is a perfect choice for interior décor. Order Waverly fabric by the yard today at distributor wholesale prices.

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About Waverly Fabrics

Waverly fabrics have a rich history steeped in American industry. The brand was originally created by F. Schumacher & Co almost a century ago and was named for one of the first American fabric mills. Originally intended to serve as a provider of fashionable and useful upholstery and home fabrics, Waverly grew to encompass other types of fabric and to serve both businesses and home sewists.

Waverly was one of the first brands to reach out to home sewists and decorators via magazine advertising and rapidly became a well established household brand. Colorful chintz patterns were the highlight of the line in the early days; these fabrics were designed to be light and airy and to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

By 1935 the company had grown to encompass a full line of heavy weight upholstery and drapery fabrics targeted at professional decorators, designers and shops that created their own lines of consumer goods for sale. Upholstered furniture, window coverings and other items were often made from Waverly fabrics by manufacturers.. Just a few short years later the brand expanded again, incorporating wall coverings and accessories with their already successful fabric lines.

The affordability and high quality of the fabrics combined with the ease of decorating a home with pre-selected coordinates designed to work together made the Waverly line extremely popular for decades to come.

By the 1980’s, Waverly was not only producing their own designer lines, they were licensing with popular individuals and organizations to assist in the design and marketing of textiles appealing to a wide range of audiences and tastes. A brand that had no experience in or ability to create fabrics was suddenly able to work with a skilled team to create instantly recognizable fabrics for their own goods and for consumer use. Popular early licensees included sports teams, noted designers of the era and movie franchises and characters.

Today, Waverly products continue to be highly sought after for their high quality and performance and designer flair they can bring to any project. From upholstery weight fabric designed for slipcovers, sofas and chairs to medium and light weight window covering fabric, Waverly is certain to have a stunning and durable home fabric to match any décor or style.

What kind of fabric does Waverly create?

Waverly offers a full line of upholstery weight fabrics to use in just about any project you can imagine. Sew a set of stunning throw pillows one day and a tablecloth the next and you’ll get a designer look that is uniquely yours – for a fraction of the cost you’d pay to work with a professional interior decorator.

Different weights of fabric allow for the creation of a huge array of projects. Soft and comfortable cottons are ideal for home textile projects, quilts and even clothing, while the more robust and traditional upholstery fabrics make it easy to create a professional look at home.

New fabrics are released each season and target both popular trends and enduring classic styles. By constantly creating new fabrics, new collections and fresh print ideas, the brand can truly offer something for everyone – and you can buy with confidence, knowing over a century of experience goes into the making of every yard.

Where can you commonly find Waverly fabric?

Waverly fabrics are used by a huge range of brands to create home goods. If you buy upholstered furniture, use printed cotton sheets on your bed or shop at luxury retailers, then you have likely seen items made from Waverly fabrics.

For home use, the best place to buy Waverly Fabrics is online as the brand does not sell directly to consumers. A reliable and well stocked fabric store will offer a generous selection of fabrics to choose from. A prominent online source for Waverly fabric is DecorativeFabricsDirect.com .Select your fabric based on the project you will be creating and your own personal preferences – and don’t forget to look for coordinates! Waverly excels at creating collections of fabrics that work together, making it easy to design a project you’ll love.

Is Waverly fabric good for upholstery?

Waverly fabrics are excellent for upholstery. The brand is actually the pioneer of upholstery fabric in the United States – and offers unsurpassed quality and value. It is important to choose the right weight of fabric for your project. Since Waverly now offers lighter weight décor fabrics as well as their traditional upholstery options, you need to choose the right fabric for the job. Upholstery fabrics are generally heavier and denser than those designed for other uses such as drapery – select from fabrics specifically designed for upholstery for best results.

Is Waverly fabric good for drapery?

Yes. Waverly offers fabrics designed specifically for draperies. The weight and drape of the fabric will vary as some are designed to softly frame a window and others are heavier weight and made for creating more structured window treatments.

Choosing Waverly upholstery fabric online for your project means you are investing your time and energy into something that will adorn your home for years to come. Take a risk on a lesser brand of fabric and you could end up disliking the outcome. Discover the latest offerings from Waverly here and launch your next project with confidence, knowing you are working with materials that are designed to last.

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