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We offer curtain linings, blackout linings and interlinings for your specific curtain needs. Lining fabric is the finishing touch to any window treatment. Curtain lining will provide insulation and protection from direct sun light. It also will increase the fullness of the finished window treatment. Some fabrics will also benefit from an interlining for added fullness and weight. For a professional, finished look – choose from our quality curtain lining fabrics for your window treatments.

About Curtain Liners

Window curtain liners serve multiple functions, providing valuable enhancements for your window treatments. These versatile additions can be employed for blocking out unwanted light, soundproofing your living space, and improving window insulation, all of which contribute to a more comfortable and serene environment.

Curtain liners, sometimes referred to as drapery liners, are typically affixed to the rear side of your curtains or drapes. This attachment can be accomplished in a couple of ways: they can either hang separately using the same curtain hooks or clips as your curtains, or they can be seamlessly integrated into the back of the curtains themselves.

It's worth noting that not all curtains or drapes come with liners, and in such cases, they can be added as a supplementary layer. When added, they significantly enhance the functionality of the window treatment.

For instance, by blocking out light, curtain liners can help you achieve complete darkness in a room, making them perfect for bedrooms or home theaters. Soundproofing properties are another advantage; they can muffle external noise, creating a more peaceful atmosphere within your home.

Curtain liners also contribute to better insulation, helping to regulate the temperature within your space. They prevent drafts and heat loss during the colder months, while also keeping excessive heat at bay during the summer. This not only enhances comfort but can lead to energy savings by reducing the need for additional heating or cooling.

While curtain liners are most commonly associated with drapery-style curtains, it's important to note that other window treatments, such as valances, can also benefit from the addition of liners. These liners add an extra layer of practicality to a wide range of window dressing options, ensuring that you can enjoy both style and substance in your home decor.