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Browse our large selection of striped fabric from industry leading brands including Waverly, P/K Lifestyles, P/Kaufmann, Premier Prints and Sunbrella. In this category you will find ticking stripe fabric, pinstripes, vertical and horizontal stripe fabric in a variety of colors and constructions. Shop for stripe fabric by the yard and at distributor wholesale prices now!

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Striped Decorator Fabric Wholesale

Whether it is a striped upholstery fabric, striped drapery fabric or a striped curtain fabric you are sure to find a great fit for your home decorating project. Our striped patterns are a great fit for any interior decor project. No matter the project, you can find anything that you’re looking for. Need striped upholstery fabric for chairs, green striped upholstery fabric, red stripe upholstery fabric? We have everything that you need at great wholesale prices.

At Decorative Fabrics Direct, you can order striped fabric samples to get a closer look at the design before purchasing striped fabric by the yard.

Different Striped Upholstery and Drapery Fabric Designs

There are a wide range of designs for striped upholstery and drapery fabric. Beyond directional designations (horizontal or vertical), striped fabric designs are determined by the stripe thickness, repeating pattern and color.

  • Awning Stripes - this striped pattern showcases large, thick vertical or horizontal stripes in alternating colors, often made of only two colors. It’s called an awning stripe because that type of design is often seen on awnings and overhangs on buildings.
  • Pinstripes - This is a very, very common striped pattern that features wide separation between very thin vertical stripes.
  • Breton Stripes - This striped pattern in nautical in theme and derived from old French navy uniforms. The pattern is typically horizontal and features an alternating pattern of light and dark colors.
  • Bengal Stripes - Bengal stripes are similar to Breton stripes but they’re positioned vertically and have even spaced stripes, typically about ¼” for each.
  • Banker Stripes - This pattern is very similar to Bengal stripe but the stripes are positioned ⅛” apart from each other. The pattern often features alternating light and dark stripes.
  • Roman Stripes - Roman stripes are a bit of a misnomer because they’re extremely colorful stripes at varying thicknesses. Roman stripe patterns are known for their use of vibrant neon colors.
  • Candy Stripes - Spaced similarly to banker stripes (about ⅛” apart) this striped pattern features bright, alternating vertical stripes spaced over a white background.
  • Bayadere Stripes - This pattern features colorful stripes at seemingly random widths to create a playful vibrant pattern.
  • Barcode Stripes - This striped pattern is named for exactly what it looks like - a barcode stripe. It features vertical stripes at varying widths in a range of colors, however you’ll often see them in alternating shades of black, white, grey, and other muted colors.
  • Chalk Stripes - Chalk stripes are a pinstripe-esque pattern, but they’re unique in that the stripes are broken or speckled and thin in width.
  • Chevron Stripes - Chevron stripes are also commonly called zigzag stripes or herringbone stripes and feature and jagged, horizontal, thin stripes across a solid background.
  • Serpentine Stripes - Serpentine stripes are very similar to chevron stripe patterns but instead of having jagged lines, the stripes are curved and rounded. The pattern is known for loud colors and wavy stripes at varying widths.

Striped Upholstery Fabric FAQs

Where can I find striped upholstery fabric?

If you’re looking for striped upholstery fabric at mill direct pricing, Decorative Fabrics Direct is the best location to find a wide range of striped fabric patterns for furniture upholstery, bedding, curtains and drapes. We offer hundreds of striped upholstery fabric and stripped curtain fabric patterns in specific color palettes and striped designs.

What kind of upholstery fabric has a woven stripe?

A woven stripe fabric is created on a loom that weaves dyed yarn into a stripe fabric design as opposed to printing a stripe design on a plain base-cloth.