Marine Grade Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery Fabric


Shop from a large selection of interior and exterior boat seat faux leather vinyl fabric. Pick from industry leading marine vinyl fabric brands including Naugahyde, Omnova, Spradling and Nassimi. From the very popular blue and white marine vinyl fabric to a large selection of other colors to suit your needs, you will find the very best marine vinyl upholstery fabric to purchase by the yard or roll and at distributor wholesale vinyl prices.

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Marine vinyl fabric is designed to be extremely durable and resistant to damage from the sun and water. For a marine grade vinyl upholstery fabric that will withstand the elements, make a selection from industry leading brands including Omnova Nautolex Capitano, Spradling Marine Islander, Morbern Seabrook, Nassimi Seaquest and Naugahyde Stratford.

Specifications for a “marine grade” vinyl upholstery fabric:

  • UV Resistance - Your boat seats are going to take a beating from the sun. Other than a bimini top, there’s really no protection from consistent UV exposure. Marine grade vinyl is designed to be UV resistant and withstand regular exposure to sunlight and UV elements.
  • Moisture Resistance - When you’re on the water, there’s no escaping exposure to moisture. Marine grade vinyl is designed to be less permeable to water, preventing moisture from getting into fabrics causing mold and mildew damage. Vinyls such as Naugahyde are especially good at preventing water damage.

Popular Boat Seat Vinyl Brands

When it comes to the best marine vinyl brands, offers the highest quality boat seat vinyl brands available.

  • Naugahyde - Naugahyde is a well known and popular brand of synthetic leather. Naugahyde marine vinyl upholstery is extremely durable, UV resistant and is a top choice for boat seating.
  • Morbern - Morbern is a North American manufacturer that specializes in highly durable vinyl fabrics for healthcare, restaurant, automotive, and marine applications. Their advanced technology allows them to create intricate designs on marine vinyl fabric.
  • Omnova Boltaflex - Boltaflex is a high performance vinyl fabric that performs in a wide range of high-use settings including marine.
  • Spradling - Spradling is an industry leader in coated vinyl fabric used in many marine applications, including pleasure craft and commercial vessels.

Common Marine Vinyl FAQs

What is marine vinyl?

Marine vinyl is a type of synthetic, coated vinyl fabric that is highly UV and moisture resistant and often used in marine applications for pleasure craft, commercial boating vessels and other environments that have high exposure to water and moisture. Top brands of marine vinyl upholstery fabrics are Naugahyde, Boltaflex, Spradling and Nassimi.

Where can I buy marine vinyl upholstery? is an excellent online source to purchase marine upholstery vinyl fabrics. Order from a huge selection of the highest quality and most popular brands of marine vinyl upholstery fabrics. Order marine vinyl samples or yardage at distributor wholesale prices.

How do you clean boat cushions and seats upholstered with marine vinyl upholstery fabric?

Marine vinyl fabric is highly moisture resistant and easy to clean. In most cases, you can simply wipe off the dirty area with a wet cloth. If you need to clean and disinfect the upholstery, you can use a mixture of warm water and soap to clean the fabric.

What is the difference between marine vinyl and upholstery vinyl?

The primary difference between marine vinyl upholstery fabric and regular vinyl upholstery fabric is that marine vinyl is produced to be highly resistant to moisture, mildew and UV light damage. A quality marine vinyl fabric is an appropriate choice for boat interior and exterior upholstery as well as for outdoor furniture.