Faux Linen & Linen Blend Upholstery and Drapery Fabric

Looking for the sophisticated style of a fine linen fabric but at a lower price? Our linen blend and faux linen fabric selections may be just the fabric for you. Selections will have different linen content that will be listed in the detail specifications of each individual fabric. Selections include linen cotton blend and linen polyester blend fabrics of various designs, colors and textures. Order linen blend fabric by the yard today!

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What is Faux Linen Fabric?

Faux Linen or linen blend fabric is a hybrid of linen and typically cotton blend that has all the admirable hallmarks of full 100% linen fabric, but with improved durability, better drape appeal, and at a better price point.

There are different levels of cotton/linen blend, anywhere from 5% - 70%. Because of its slightly different appearance, blended linen upholstery fabric is a popular fabric for drapes or curtains.

Cotton being a natural fiber gives the most natural appearance in a linen blend, however, there are options to blend linen with synthetic fibers like polyester or rayon. Fabrics with 100% natural fibers can wrinkle and stretch when exposed to moisture/humidity. This can result in an unattractive "puddling" appearance to curtains. For this reason, a popular faux linen drapery fabric variation is "poly-linen" or "polyester linen" to prevent wrinkles and retain fabric shape.

Please refer to the detailed specifications of each individual fabric for its fabric content.