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Order Sunbrella® fabric by the yard at great wholesale prices online with Decorative Fabrics Direct! Sunbrella® upholstery fabric can brighten up any space. The superior synthetic fabric is a high-performance solution-dyed acrylic that is resistant to stains, mildew and UV light and can be used to cover a variety of furniture pieces. Sunbrella® indoor-outdoor upholstery fabric has been time-tested, and the company remains the leader when it comes to performance fabrics, bringing you the latest innovations as lifestyles have changed over the decades.

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About Sunbrella
Originally created for outdoor upholstery use, Sunbrella® has evolved over time to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor upholstery fabrics. After all, don’t we want durability coupled with rich, long-lasting colors inside of our homes too?

How Do You Clean or Wash Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric?
When it comes to washing your Sunbrella Sling Fabric or Sunbrella outdoor fabric, you can choose to machine wash the fabric or wash it by hand. To wash the Sunbrella fabric by machine, use cold water only. Wash in a normal cold cycle using mild laundry soap. Do not put the fabric in a dryer, and allow it to air dry instead. To wash your Sunbrella fabric by hand, soak your fabric in lukewarm water using 1/4 cup of mild soap for every gallon of water. Wipe down the fabric with a soft bristle brush or sponge if needed. Rinse the fabric well after wiping it down to make sure the soap is gone. Let your hand-washed fabric air dry. A small amount of bleach can be added to your soaking solution if needed to remove mold or mildew growth, but Sunbrella fabric is highly resistant to both mold and mildew. Hang your fabric up to dry, or put it back in place to dry once you are done cleaning it. You can clean Sunbrella outdoor fabric using a dry brush as needed, or rinse off the fabric with a hose for a quick rinse. Sunbrella outdoor fabric does not take on stains easily, and you can keep your Sunbrella fabric in good shape by wiping it down periodically.

What Is Sunbrella Fabric Made Of?
Sunbrella couch fabric is durable, fade-resistant fabric that is made from solution-dyed acrylic. It is designed as a replacement fabric for cotton awnings and outdoor fabric to reduce fading, ripping and mold growth. Sunbrella outdoor fabric is made by melting down acrylic polymer and using dye to color the solution the desired color. The mixture is then spun to make acrylic fiber, which is used to weave Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabrics come in a wide range of colors and patterns, all made using the acrylic fiber and weave method in creation. Sunbrella fibers are solution dyed with a fluorocarbon finish. Colors are highly resistant to fading, showing little to no color change after 1500 hours of testing. Sunbrella states that the fabric can be recycled, and the company accepts old Sunbrella fabric in order to recycle it. Sunbrella fabric is used in a wide range of outdoor applications and is made of 100% acrylic fibers. Sunbrella fabric fibers are a stronger, more resilient solution to cotton fibers previously used in outdoor fabrics. It is woven material that is made in solid colors, patterns and stripes. Sunbrella fabric has excellent breathability and is made using a plain weave.

How Durable Is Sunbrella Upholstery Fabric?
Sunbrella fabric is the most durable fabric available for outdoor use today. It is a resilient fabric, highly resistant to mold growth and fading. Sunbrella outdoor fabric is resistant to UV rays and provides protection for up to 98% of UV rays. Water resistance is a major benefit of Sunbrella fabric, and it is used in all types of outdoor applications. Sunbrella fabric is resistant to abrasions and will shrink slightly in cool weather while expanding minimally in hot weather. Sunbrella fabric has an outdoor lifespan of five to 10 years with regular use. Beyond the strength of Sunbrella upholstery fabric, it is also flame resistant and chemical resistant. Mildew doesn't grow on Sunbrella material, and it's easy to clean. You can expect years of quality use out of Sunbrella outdoor fabric without worrying about the color of the fabric fading. Whether used on an Sunbrella Awning Fabric, Sunbrella Boat Canvas Fabric or Sunbrella Indoor Outdoor Furniture Upholstery Fabric, Sunbrella fabric is going to last for years without fading, ripping or losing its water-resistant capabilities. Sunbrella fabric is designed with durability as the top goal. Sunbrella is the top fabric used in outdoor furniture, awnings, slings and more. It is going to resist fading for years and look great. Sunbrella fabric is the top choice when looking for a fabric to use in outdoor applications that is going to be cost-effective and that won't need to be replaced after a year or two.

Where Can I Buy Sunbrella Fabric?
Decorative Fabrics Direct is your source for buying Sunbrella fabrics online. We offer wholesale options for all of our Sunbrella colors, designs and more. No need for a Sunbrella fabric sale as you can count on the best prices every day you shop at .

With over 45 years in business, Sunbrella is definitely doing something right. Quality material and a sophisticated and luxurious look, crafted to last with best-in-class performance – that is what you get with Sunbrella®.

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