High Performance Upholstery Fabric for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Featuring Sunbrella, Bella-Dura , Performatex, Outdura, Richloom Fortress and Covington

“High performance” outdoor fabric is defined by its substantial durability, mildew resistance, water repellency, fade resistance and ease to clean. Browse from a huge selection of fabric specifically produced for use as a patio furniture fabric, poolside furniture fabric and other outdoor furniture upholstery needs where the elements would take their toll on a fabric that was not produced to provide resistance. Because of the durability and easy clean characteristics of our performance fabrics, many consumers choose to use this upholstery on indoor furniture as well. Shop prominent upholstery brands like sunbrella-logo.png Sunbrella, Bella Dura, Performatex, Outdura, Richloom and Covington. Buy with confidence at distributor wholesale prices from DecorativeFabricsDirect.com .

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High Performance Outdoor Fabric by the Yard

Choosing the right outdoor upholstery fabric is not just about selecting a pattern or color that appeals to your sense of style - it's about making a smart investment in materials that offer durability, comfort, and resilience against the elements.

Whether you're revamping your patio furniture, pool chairs, or redesigning your favorite outdoor space, the upholstery fabric you choose plays a role in the longevity and appearance of your outdoor furniture.

From outdoor fabric by the yard to waterproof and sun-resistant materials, there are options designed to meet every need and design style.

Types of Outdoor Upholstery Fabrics

  • Outdoor Fabric by the Yard - This option offers unparalleled versatility for those who love DIY projects or require custom solutions. Outdoor fabric by the yard allows you to tailor your fabric choices to fit unique pieces, ensuring every inch of your outdoor space reflects your personal style.
  • Water Resistant Outdoor Fabric - Perfect for poolside furniture or areas exposed to frequent rain, water resistant outdoor fabrics are designed to repel water, preventing mold and mildew buildup. These fabrics are essential for maintaining the quality and comfort of your outdoor furnishings. Our outdoor upholstery fabric is actually breathable to allow moisture to completely dry on the cushioning. Always use outdoor quality cushioning and sewing threads to promote longevity and your satisfaction.
  • Outdoor Furniture Fabric - Specifically engineered for outdoor use, these fabrics combine durability with aesthetic appeal. They are made to withstand fading from sunlight and to resist wear and tear, making them ideal for patio furniture that sees a lot of use.
  • Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric - A well known brand in the outdoor fabric industry, Sunbrella is renowned for its colorfastness and UV resistance. Sunbrella fabrics are a great choice for those looking to combine high performance with high style in their outdoor living areas.
  • Outdoor Chair Fabric Replacement - Refreshing your outdoor chairs with new fabric can breathe new life into your space. When choosing replacement fabric, look for materials that offer UV protection and easy maintenance to ensure your chairs remain vibrant and comfortable for years to come.
  • Outdoor Canvas Fabric - Known for its strength and versatility, outdoor canvas is a popular choice for everything from furniture covers to marine upholstery. Its robust nature makes it suitable for high-traffic outdoor areas.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

When selecting outdoor upholstery, you need to consider weather resistance, maintenance requirements, comfort, and UV protection. The key is to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your furniture is both beautiful and resilient. Look for fabrics that offer easy cleaning and mold resistance to keep your outdoor area fresh and inviting.

Care and Maintenance of Outoor Upholstery Fabric

To extend the life of your outdoor upholstery fabrics, regular maintenance is crucial. Most high-performance fabrics can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

For tougher stains, a diluted solution of bleach and water can be used on fabrics like Sunbrella without affecting their color. During the off-season, consider storing cushions and fabrics in a dry, cool place to prevent damage and extend their lifespan.

Outdoor upholstery fabrics are constantly evolving, with trends leaning towards eco-friendly materials and innovative technologies that enhance fabric performance. From recycled fabrics that reduce environmental impact to materials treated with antimicrobial properties for added health benefits, the future of outdoor upholstery is both green and cutting-edge.

Selecting the right outdoor upholstery fabric is a critical decision that affects the look, comfort, and durability of your outdoor spaces.

High Performance Upholstery Fabric FAQs

How can I make my existing outdoor fabrics water resistant?

There are spray-on solutions available that can add or restore water repellency to outdoor fabrics.

What's the best fabric for pets?

Look for fabrics with high durability ratings and easy-to-clean surfaces to withstand pet wear and tear. Keep your pet's nails trimmed and not sharp.

How do I choose fabrics for different climates?

Consider the specific challenges of your climate, such as intense sun, heavy rain, or high humidity, and select fabrics designed to withstand those conditions.