Sling Furniture Fabric by Sunbrella

note.gif --- Sling Fabric is not the typical Sunbrella Indoor-Outdoor cushion fabric. Rather this is a specialty Sunbrella product developed for high strength unsupported upholstery of sling style furniture sling-fabric-category-icon.jpg. Unlike a traditional PVC sling material that is stiff and uncomfortable, Sunbrella Sling for chairs blends the strength of PVC with the softness of Sunbrella acrylic yarn for added comfort and comes in a variety of woven mesh colors and styles. For typical outdoor furniture upholstery of cushions and pillows we suggest you browse High Performance Indoor-Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

Redefine Sling Furniture focusing on subtle patterns that read as textures, Sunbrella Sling chair and chase lounge fabric allows you to achieve an elevated indoor aesthetic in an outdoor setting. Blending natural color palettes with novelty threads for added texture and luxury, Sunbrella Sling chair fabric is ideal for crafting fully-upholstered furniture pieces for outdoor patios and other traditional sling applications.

Sunbrella is unique in its manufacture of this specialty fabric designed for use in sling style furniture, which needs to be extremely strong because of the unsupported nature of sling-style furniture upholstery.