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6839874 MARINE 2389-0000 60" TOAST TWEED Marine Canvas Upholstery Fabric

6839874 MARINE 2389-0000 60" TOAST TWEED Marine Canvas Upholstery Fabric

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MARINE 2389-0000 60" TOAST TWEED Marine Canvas Upholstery Fabric

Sunbrella Awning / Marine 2389-0000 60" Toast Tweed is a fabric that is recognized as the leader in marine and awning materials worldwide. It is sixty inches wide and an excellent choice for awning and boat topping needs. Because the fabric is woven for breathability, it does not trap heat and moisture, thus preventing mildew. As a result, Sunbrella stays fresh and beautiful, season after season. Even the harshest marine environments are no match for Sunbrella topping. That is because its rich color is an integral part of the fiber and cannot be washed away or bleached out by the sun, rain or chlorine. Rest assured your Sunbrella fabric will look fabulous season after season. In addition to longevity and durability, Sunbrella fabric also provides protection from the sun so you can enjoy long hours on land and water. Sunbrella fabrics carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, giving your family and friends the extra assurance they need.
Product Information
Cleaning Instructions: OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE
Width: 60"
Fiber Content: 100% SUNBRELLA ACRYLIC
Construction: Marine Canvas Fabric, Awning Fabric

Color Family Grouping: Brown - Beige - Taupe
Fabric Type Grouping: MARINE 2389-0000 60" TOAST TWEED, Marine Canvas Fabric, Awning Fabric

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