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Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN TRANSLUCENT Herculite Vinyl Fabric

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Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN TRANSLUCENT Herculite Vinyl Fabric

Herculite Sure-Chek Linen Translucent is a medical fabric that was developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals to provide fabrics that are comfortable, safe and effective for use in healthcare facilities, prison industries, jails, camps, and dormitories. These thermoplastic fabric composites are strong, durable, antimicrobial, antistatic, flame resistant, stain, odor, and fluid resistant. Sure-Check Linen comes in several colors and has a linen-like look to its surface that provides interest and texture.
Product Information
Other Colors Of This Pattern, Click Images Below To View:
430811 Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN MAUVE 430813 Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN DUNE 430814 Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN FAWN 430815 Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN WHITE 430816 Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN LIGHT BLUE 430817 Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN MINT 430818 Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN SEAFOAM

Cleaning Instructions: WATER
Width: 72"
Construction: Herculite Vinyl Fabric

Fabric Type Grouping: Herculite SURE-CHEK LINEN TRANSLUCENT, Herculite Vinyl Fabric