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Herculite LECTROLITE FUSION III HP BLACK Herculite Vinyl Fabric

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Herculite LECTROLITE FUSION III HP BLACK Herculite Vinyl Fabric

Herculite Lectrolite Fusion III HP Black is a conductive fabric that maintains the danger of explosions from flammable gasses and helps eliminate the possibility of electrical interference with sensitive life support equipment in the healthcare environment. 'Lectrolite' helps to control electrostatic discharge and the accumulation of static charge which may interfere with sensitive electronic equipment. This conductive fabric is constructed of specially formulated thermoplastic films and synthetic fibers. It is fluid proof and antimicrobial to protect the fabric. It performs best on products designed to achieve low interface pressure readings, providing protection and comfort.
Product Information
Cleaning Instructions: WATER
Width: 50"
Construction: Herculite Vinyl Fabric

Color Family Grouping: Black - Gray
Fabric Type Grouping: Herculite LECTROLITE FUSION III HP BLACK, Herculite Vinyl Fabric