5765711 CLAUDIA / SUNSET AND VINE Plaid Embroidered Silk Drapery Fabric

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CLAUDIA / SUNSET AND VINE Plaid Embroidered Silk Drapery Fabric

Claudia Sunset and Vine is a decorative silk plaid overlaid with floral and vine embroidery. The plaid pattern measures three inches by two and one quarter inches and is shown in Wine Red, Blue-Green, Wheat and Linen. The embroidered flowers are in a rich Maroon Red, Light Bronze and Russet with the Blue-Green and Linen repeated in the vines. This entertaining silk is suitable for drapery, curtains, cornice boards, pillows, room dividers, bedding and headboards. It is suggested that non-backed silks and embroidered fabrics not be used for seating.

Cleaning Instructions: DRY CLEAN ONLY
Width: 54"
Fiber Content: 100% SILK
Pattern Repeat: Vert=15.25" Horiz=10.00"
Type: Embroidered Silk Fabric, Embroidered Fabric
Pattern: Plaid Fabric, Floral Fabric
Use: Drapery Fabric

Color Family Grouping 1: Red - Pink
Color Family Grouping 2: Blue - Turquoise - Aqua
Color Family Grouping 3: Yellow - Gold
Fabric Type Grouping: CLAUDIA / SUNSET AND VINE, Embroidered Silk Fabric, Plaid Fabric, Floral Fabric, Embroidered Fabric