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6694548 CHARISMA/B MAIZE Chenille Fabric
6694548 CHARISMA/B MAIZE Chenille Fabric

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CHARISMA/B MAIZE Chenille Fabric

Charisma/B Maize is a wonderfully soft chenille fabric that is extremely durable, cleans easily, has a subtle strie effect for texture and comes in a Cornsilk Yellow. Charisma excels in everyday use in any fast paced lifestyle and is suitable for drapery, curtains, cornice boards, pillows, cushions, table toppers, bedding, headboards and furniture upholstery.
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6694552 CHARISMA/B MIST Chenille Fabric 6694553 CHARISMA/B GREY Chenille Fabric 6694554 CHARISMA/B ICEBERG Chenille Fabric 6694555 CHARISMA/B GRASS Chenille Fabric 6694556 CHARISMA/B SEA Chenille Fabric 6694557 CHARISMA/B CADET Chenille Fabric 6694558 CHARISMA/B FOREST Chenille Fabric 6694559 CHARISMA/B BERRY Chenille Fabric 6694560 CHARISMA/B AVOCADO Chenille Fabric 6694561 CHARISMA/B OYSTER Chenille Fabric
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6694583 CHARISMA/B MICA Chenille Fabric 6694584 CHARISMA/B RED Chenille Fabric 6694585 CHARISMA/B CHAMBRAY Chenille Fabric 6694587 CHARISMA/B BLUE Chenille Fabric 6694588 CHARISMA/B CINNAMON Chenille Fabric 6694589 CHARISMA/B COGNAC Chenille Fabric 6694590 CHARISMA/B AQUAMIST Chenille Fabric 6694591 CHARISMA/B WILLOW Chenille Fabric 6694592 CHARISMA/B STONE Chenille Fabric 6694593 CHARISMA/B SAND Chenille Fabric
6694594 CHARISMA/B PINE Chenille Fabric 6694595 CHARISMA/B ONYX Chenille Fabric 6694596 CHARISMA/B MERLOT Chenille Fabric 6694597 CHARISMA/B EGGPLANT Chenille Fabric 6694598 CHARISMA/B BUTTER Chenille Fabric 6694599 CHARISMA/B BARLEY Chenille Fabric

Cleaning Instructions: WATER-SOLVENT
Width: 54"
Fiber Content: 100% POLYESTER
Abrasion Test - Double Rubs: 102,000 DOUBLE RUBS
Construction: Chenille Fabric
Style: Plain Fabric

Manufactured To Meet The Flammability Safety Rating  Contained In:

Color Family Grouping: Yellow - Gold
Fabric Type Grouping: CHARISMA/B MAIZE, Chenille Fabric, Plain Fabric, Dobby Weave Fabric